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We are StateWise and we’re just like you!

Family, friends and community. They are the pillars of American life. They are what shape our values and they're what make us stronger. At StateWise Energy, they're our pillars too. In fact, we’re just like you. Our people are your friends, your family members and part of your community.

Our company at your service

At StateWise, we get you. We really do! With so many Americans struggling with rising costs, we know how tough it can be to pay your energy bills and other monthly expenses.

We launched our company with a few goals in mind; to help our customers enjoy the benefits of predictable gas and/or electricity rates, to deliver professional, quality service and to make the world a little greener along the way.

We’re here to give you a break

friends having coffee

Take a break from your worries with anticipated energy rates you can count on and focus on what matters the most; your family, friends and your community.

Our people at your door

Did one of our Independent Contractors recently visit you? Then you are one step closer to taking control over volatile energy costs by signing up for a StateWise energy program.

The badge says it all

StateWise Name Badge

From our professional Independent Contractors at your door to our experienced Customer Service team in our office, StateWise people are here for you. When you see the ID badge, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a licensed and qualified energy sales representative with one goal in mind, to bring you solid energy programs to help you better manage your budget and increase the quality of your everyday life.

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