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Natural Gas

About 51% of Pennsylvania households use natural gas as their primary home heating fuel. And a recent study performed by the forge the future initiative found that with continued development of natural gas resources, Pennsylvania could create over 100 000 jobs and a 60 billion $ increase in GDP over time*

When you heat your home with natural gas from StateWise, you’ll enjoy the benefits of predictable gas bills, special bonus offers and peace of mind. Best of all, nothing changes in the delivery of your home’s gas. Your local utility will continue to deliver your natural gas and your new StateWise Natural Gas Program will be listed on your existing utility bill.


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EcoWise Natural Gas

The United States Environment Protection Agency estimates that 0.005 tons of CO2 is emitted per therm of natural gas burned.*

With more than 4.5 million Pennsylvania households and 2.5 million of them using natural gas, damage is being done to the environment. However, you can do your part to reduce the emissions of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere with our EcoWise Natural Gas product.

EcoWise is StateWise’s earth-friendly gas product which offsets 1.5 tons of natural gas carbon footprint from your household usage.**

The many benefits of our program will make your neighbors green with envy!

• Reduce your carbon footprint
• Hassle-free billing on your utility bill
• Fixed rate or flat rate programs
• Unbeatable customer service
• In partnership with American Forests, we will plant a tree on your behalf!

**EcoWise Gas footprint tonnage is dependent upon household usage