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Your state is the mother of modern presidents (seven so far), the birthplace of aviation and home to the world’s largest basket. You’re original Ohio! And so are we. Our Independent Contractors are hard working Ohioans who will do their best to help you put a stop to uncertain energy prices.

Ohioans are unique

You gave the World so much:

light bulb

the light bulb

hot dog

the hot dog

chewing gum

patented chewing gum

chili spaghetti

you put chili on spaghetti

wright brothers

You put pilots in the air and Ohio on the map!

What's all the buzz about?

Maybe the fact that Ohio has produced 24 astronauts and counting.


Or it could be that you finally have the chance to work with a local energy supplier that has your back. Our Independent Contractors are also your neighbors. They are hard working people who will do their best to help you put a stop to fluctuating energy prices.

Ohio State

Our people make us unique