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You’re pretty cool Pennsylvania. You’re the first state to list your website URL on a license plate. Hershey is considered the chocolate capital of the US and Philadelphia is home to the liberty bell and the site of the first and second Continental Congresses. That’s pretty impressive. And so are the men and women who bring you valuable energy programs from StateWise Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania has a lot of rich history!

You have the oldest gas station in the US

The first american flag was flown in Pennsylvania

And you’re home to the oldest golf course in the US

The declaration of independence was signed here

And you are also home to the first ever 4th of July celebration, which took place along the Delaware River!

Extra, Extra ... Read All About It!

Sure - it’s impressive that the first ever daily newspaper was published in Philadelphia, PA back in 1784.

But the big news these days is how StateWise Pennsylvania can help you get your home energy bill under control. And our Sales Representatives are just like you! They’re hard-working people who do their best to help you gain control of volatile energy prices.

Our people make us unique